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Answer your questions with AVA, the Advanced Virtual Assistant

Economy Informatics General Shareholders' Meeting

Iberdrola makes the Advance Virtual Assistant available to shareholders on occasion of its 2023 General Shareholders’ Meeting. AVA is a chatbot designed to immediately answer questions about the Meeting and facilitate shareholder participation.

Do you have questions about the Meeting? Go to AVA, ask your question and we'll answer you.
Do you have questions about the Meeting? Go to AVA, ask your question and we'll answer you.

What is AVA, the Advanced Virtual Assitant?

  Based on artificial intelligence

AVA is a chatbot, software based on artificial intelligence that can answer our shareholders' questions online and in real time.

  Available to all

AVA is available to the public through the corporate website without the need for prior registration.


You can access AVA through any type of device and interact both by text and by voice*.


Accessibility compatible with the other corporate web applications.


AVA is available in Spanish and in English.

  Updated content

The Advanced Virtual Assistant offers all the details regarding the holding of the General Shareholders' Meeting and how to participate in it. In addition, AVA includes useful information and links of interest to both Iberdrola's shareholders and people who want to acquire shares in the company.

How does AVA work?

AVA allows you to ask your question by text or by using your voice*, in addition to showing you frequently asked questions.
AVA allows you to ask your question by text or by using your voice*, in addition to showing you frequently asked questions.

1. Access AVA through the website of the General Shareholders' Meeting or by typing www.ava.iberdrola.com directly in your browser's navigation bar.

2. On the initial screen, you can enter your question by text or by voice* or, if you prefer, select one of the frequently asked questions.

3. AVA will propose questions relating to your request in order to easily resolve your concerns.

4. If you do not find an appropriate response, AVA will refer you to the free phone (900 100 019) and email (accionistas@iberdrola.com) of the Shareholder's Office, which is always available to answer your questions in a personalised manner.

What information can you find in AVA?

AVA offers complete information about the 2023 General Shareholders' Meeting, including:

The 2023 General Shareholders' Meeting was held in hybrid form, with attendance in person at the registered office (Bilbao, Plaza Euskadi, 5) and telematic attendance on Friday 28 April 2023, at first call.

AVA also includes the initiatives through which Iberdrola promotes the engagement of its shareholders, including the following:

The Advanced Virtual Assistant also includes useful information for shareholders and for those persons interested in acquiring shares of Iberdrola, including:

We encourage the engagement of our shareholders

Iberdrola group was the first Spanish company (and one of the pioneers worldwide) to approve a Shareholder Engagement Policy that clearly formalises the company's commitment to favouring dialogue and closeness with its shareholders. One of its main objectives is a proactive search for two-way interaction with shareholders in order to encourage their engagement in the company's corporate life and forge a sense of belonging.

The General Shareholders' Meeting is unquestionably the main channel for shareholder participation. For that reason we at Iberdrola strive each year to improve their experience and make it increasingly accessible, transparent and inclusive, applying the international ISO 20121 standard regarding sustainable event management systemsThe General Shareholders' Meeting has been considered a sustainable event certified by AENOR since 2016 and has the Erronka Garbia environmental seal given by the Basque Government through the state-owned company Ihobe.

Also for this purpose, in 2005 the company began to publish the Shareholder's Guide, which in 2019 became an interactive solution and in 2020 evolved to become the Virtual Shareholders' Assistant, always with the aim of facilitating and further speeding consultations regarding all information related to the Meeting. This year, with AVA, we take another step in engagement with our shareholders. At Iberdrola we continue working to gain first-hand knowledge of the interests of our shareholders through dialogue and participation.



* Function not available in Internet Explorer. On iPhone devices, only available for Safari.